English Friday #15 : Children Games Now and Then

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Yeah Friday, it mean English Friday time. and theme for Weekly Challange is Children Games Now and Then. okey I was born in the 90s precisely on 1994. and talk about Children Games at the time very different from now. why ? I think when I was child, I didn't Understand about Gadget different with children now and a lot of the game is spent by children outside the home.

Some of my games when I was Child, that is

  •    Inflatable Balloon (Balon Tiup)

Do you remember about it ???
the way the game is to blow the straw that tipped with glue balloon and then blow the balloon up big. after successfully off the straw and stick the balloon to your face. yes that's the way the game.

  • Congklak

anyone know with this game ??
game that requires strategy in play and numeracy, this game usually played by girls.

  • Tamagochi

is there ever cranky to buy this game ?? hahaha maybe just me 

games that train the child in keeping pets, start from spawn later in the feed, pet her to sleep until eventually allowed it to die if we forget to feed.

  • Lompat Tali

This game is made of rubber are arranged and mutually binding, this toy is usually carried out at least 3 people and 2 people with the help of an electric pole. ranging from the shortest jump levels, namely the ankle and the highest leap of the head.

  • Teplak Gunung

certainly remember this game, haha streets so dirty because of Teplak Gunung, the way the game is to create eight squares and in ninth with a shape like a mountain

And children's games now are not far from the gadget and computer, like


look very different, children games now and then. with highly advanced technology but make children now will not feel how exciting games of the 90s. 

maybe it's a little bit in my opinion about Children Game Now and Then. how about you ?? 

Walaikumsalam wr. wb.
warm regards

Zaenab Nur Aini

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  1. Ah. The baloon. I used to buy over and over again.
    Btw can I do some GN?

    I think when I was child, I didn't Understand about Gadget different with children now and a lot of the game is spent by children outside the home.
    I think when I was a kid, I didn't understand aboout gadget like kids nowadays, and most of the games was played outside their houses.
    Cmiiw ya.

  2. I'm so thankful for being born in 90's :')

    World of Wardah

  3. Your post brought my childhood memory back XD

  4. yaaa so miss that moment when I was child 90's :D


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