English Friday #14 : Donal Duck is my Favorite Cartoon Character

4/10/2015 08:38:00 PM Unknown 14 Comments


Finally i can join again in this challange, after my final project was completed ahead of time specified, alhamdulillah.


wow challenge EF this time is favorite cartoon character, very interesting.
and my favorite cartoon character is donal duck, why ? i don't know why i really like the character until this time. but i always like the character, until when
i senior high school i am really like with the all about donal duck like a accessories, doll, bottle and etc. maybe that makes me fall in love with Donald Duck that is fussy.

Donal Duck is one of character in Disney movie, and when i was child i always wait for the cartoon but the cartoon rarely aired on channel tv indonesia. when i was child i am not familiar with the youtube and always hope can see the cartoon on the channel tv indonesia. but now when i was bored with my activity and need the cartoon, i always watch the cartoon on youtube.

That's my favorite cartoon characters, how about you?

Walaikumsalam wr. wb.
warm regards

Zaenab Nur Aini

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  1. Yayyy. Welcome for this week challenge.

    Donald Duck is so funny. He is clumpsy but adorable. Hahahaha.

    Btw can I do corrections: first please wrote i in caps - I. No matter where you put it. And I notice you have several problems with the tenses form. Sorry put this as a correction.


    1. yess, donald duck very adorable
      thanks mba for the correction, yes I am still less for the tenses, need a lot to learn again

  2. yup... donald is super clumsy everywhere. no wonder he always make u laugh. hihi...

  3. Donald Duck ini meski rese (ga sebaik Micky) tapi lucu banget yaa, apalagi kalau ketawa :D
    Yeay akhirnya Aini ikut #EF

    1. nah iya ketawanya lucu ya ka, yeah alhamdulillah ka kelar Tugas Akhirnya jadi bisa nyentuh blog lagi

  4. kalau keluarga donal duck aku jadi ingat paman gober
    yang mata duitan itu hahahah ...

    1. haha iya dia mata duitan banget ya mba, tapi tetep keluarga donal duck lucu semua heheh

  5. Donal duck lucuuu, tp suaranya agak annoying.. Hihihi..

    1. nah tapi itu ka yang bikin lucu hahaha

  6. Welcomeback, Mbak.. :D

    Aku jugak sukak sama Donal Bebek. Dia lucu banget, apalagi kalok uda jealous sama Desi. Lucuuuu :D

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