English Friday #3 : "How Gadget Affect our life"

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Hello good morning, back to Friday and i will share about English Friday and now the theme is "How Gadget Affect our life"  wow the good theme and make me confused, what will i write.

Okay, when i was grade six elementary school, i saw many friend had a handphone and i very envy with them, and i asked my mother to bought a handphone for me, but my mother even scold me. and i could only saw them with their handphone.
And when i was first class in junior highschool i had been bought handphone by grandmother. i am so happy because this is a first time i had a handphone. initially a handphone just for style and for communication with my friend and myboyfriend until third class junior high School function of the phone still same.

But when Senior high School handphone turn to the main requirement, because social media was booming and some handphone provide a variety of new features. and made me interested with the new phone because some benefit and the 5megapixel camera facility. at the time i am very intersting with a phone have a some features and some benefit, and i always change myhandphone with the new handphone. starting from blackberry,samsung and iphone.

when junior until senior highschool i still controlled when i must study and when i must play the phone, although i often check my handphone when i was studied but differnt with now because i difficult control to use a phone, whenever, wherever i always used the phone, i am too crazy with the gadget starting from some application, benefit and features whis is given by phone.

And i think already past 2 years, when i got up i always check my phone for first time and i will panic if my phone low or broken. and because madness with applications i buy 3 phone with different labels consist of blackberry,samsung and iphone. and i spend 15 hours to use the phone and 2 hours to do something and 7 hours for sleep when holiday. and 12 hours to use the phone and 5 hours to collage and 7 hours to sleep when i go to collage.

okay i think that's all for me, is there the same to me ??


Walaikumsalam wr. wb.
warm regards

Zaenab Nur Aini

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  1. HPmu banyak amaaat Aini >_<

    1. nah itu dia ka tia, akibat gila akan teknologi dan kepo akan aplikasi jadi ngehedon gini

  2. Wah... tiga ya? Dipakai semua barengan? Berapa tuh biayanya tiap bulan buat internetnya?

    1. sebelumnya 3 3nya kepake cuma setelah 3 minggu ini bbnya di nonaktifkan karna sering lemot, biaya perbulannya 150an :D


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